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Customer Rewards



  1. After the purchase of 4 animals in more than one transaction, repeat customers receive an 8% discount on the purchase price of their 5th animal, up to a maximum discount of $500.


  2. The Reward Program only applies to bulls, open heifers or bred heifers purchased for $3000 per head or more, and excludes the purchases of herd bulls.


  3. Each eligible animal is counted as one "point" towards the Rewards Program, unless otherwise stated below.


  4. Eligible animals may be purchased by private treaty, online sale or public auction, but must be purchased directly from Rainbow River Simmentals.


  5. In the event that the 5th animal is purchased when two or more animals are purchased in the same transaction, the discount will apply to the highest priced animal in that transaction.


  6. Eligible purchases must occur over more than one transaction, but can occur over several years or within the same year. For example, purchasing 5 heifers at one sale does not qualify as a "repeat customer transaction".  However, purchasing 2 bulls in the spring and 3 heifers in the fall of the same year does qualify.


  7. If a customer purchases 5 or more animals in one transaction, this accumulates 4 reward points towards the Rainbow River Repeat Customer Reward Program. If the animals purchased are bulls, they also qualify for the "Rainbow River Volume Buyer Incentive Program".


  8. In order to receive their Rewards Program discount, each customer must purchase their 5th animal within 3 years from the date of purchase of the 4th animal, otherwise the discount will expire and their reward points count will reset to zero. The Rewards Program discount is not transferrable.


  9. Once a customer has purchased their 5th animal, the Rewards Program re-starts with zero points and future purchases begin to accumulate towards another discount.


  10. The Rainbow River Repeat Customer Reward Program may be subject to change or termination without notice.




1.     Customers purchasing two or more bulls in a single transaction are eligible for a volume buyer incentive. The incentive is calculated 

        as a % discount off the total purchase price of the given transaction. The following volume buyer discounts apply:


                         2 bulls - 2% discount;          3 bulls - 3% discount;          4 bulls - 4% discount;          5 or more bulls - 5% discount


2.     The Volume Buyer Incentive Program only applies to purchases of bulls.


3.     Bulls may be purchased by private treaty, online sale or public auction, but must be purchased directly from Rainbow River 


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